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suggestive129453 artist:baitoubaozou36 applejack159638 fluttershy199467 iron will1282 pinkie pie204145 rainbow dash220634 rarity170821 twilight sparkle283440 human144201 friendship is manly96 applejack (male)1023 applejacked1064 arm behind head5478 armpits41317 bara138 bubble berry1481 butterscotch1751 dusk shine2205 elusive1155 humanized95140 male323391 males only3486 man six9 mane six29637 muscles10271 muscleshy387 pinkie pump140 pixiv14251 rainbow blitz2259 rainbuff dash734 ripped rarity251 rule 6325039 twilight muscle404 winged humanization8276


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Background Pony #2FB7
Zecor Abdul, Kakyopinkie, Polnarity, Applejoseph, Dastaro and their pet dog Spiggy go to Saddle Arabia to fight Dio Sombrando