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Ambrosia is a very trustful, generous and kind filly. Raised by two elements of harmony, she has spent a majority of her life living under the understanding that generosity and honesty were the best policies. Therefore she is very sweet and charitable to all her friends, even those who might consider her an enemy. Ambrosia (or Amber for short) is sometimes taken advantage of, but secretly has that posh side of her that she inherited from her mother (Rarity) and her blunt side from her momma (Applejack), so sometimes whether or not she notices it, she might snub you if you've wronged her. Besides that, she is very trustworthy and good pony. Her talent is fertilizing the apple orchard by helping direct the bees to the apple blooms.

(now with less ponytail)
safe1727303 artist:unoriginai796 applejack171532 rarity183636 oc697870 oc:ambrosia213 pony987570 unicorn332463 apple16518 apple family552 cute202939 family4488 female1381681 filly68225 flower26173 lesbian98120 magical lesbian spawn12423 offspring40046 parent:applejack4020 parent:rarity4330 parents:rarijack428 rarijack7113 shipping202909 simple background401197 white background100289


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