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Ponies at Dawn: Enigma

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safe (1221385)artist:otakuap (374)princess celestia (74143)absurd res (37149)crossover (45975)facehug (20)facemoth (6)giant moth (38)levitation (6278)magic (45818)moth (213)pokémon (6630)sitting (35601)solo (744019)spread wings (31614)surprised (5209)tea (2159)teacup (1747)telekinesis (15373)underhoof (33749)volcarona (10)


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I can just hear the leathery ’fwap!’ of the Volcarona glomping her face.
That said, Volcarona are usually 5’3"… this is either a teeny version of the pokemon, or this Celestia is truly gargantuan.
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