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safe1614669 artist:jc-the-penguin3 twilight sparkle288163 alicorn205853 pony882304 adorkable3327 angry24986 annoyed5160 blatant lies1231 blushing182419 cute186097 denial309 dialogue60942 dork3579 embarrassed10545 female1285330 i'm not cute365 lies427 mare439075 open mouth129745 princess tsunlight6 solo1002743 spread wings49608 talking4894 tsundere2702 tsunlight sparkle39 twiabetes10828 twilight sparkle (alicorn)118322


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Yet One More Idiot
Artist -

World's biggest idiot xD
Sorry Princess Twileydorbs, you're not just cute — you're gorgeous! I just want to cuddle you and feel your soft wings wrap around me… :D
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The magic's gone :-(
Yes you are. It has been scientifically proven. They published a paper about it, don't you remember? Read On Discrete Cuteness Level Measurements by doctors D. Hooves and Whooves.