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Edit of >>437708.
safe1769638 artist:mcsadat570 artist:mostazathy407 edit137977 pinkie pie221825 oc721847 oc:anon11980 earth pony274359 human160544 pony1029618 animated101894 behind you116 bipedal36834 computer6404 dancing8673 dichromatic59 female1418350 gif32645 handstand319 laptop computer2410 legs in air4051 mare510904 open mouth158142 plot83282 simple background415528 smiling266672 spread legs20209 spreading20148 text63237 the monkey33 underhoof54492 upside down5813 white background104324


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The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

we need an edit with muad just standing there slowly blinking.“In this moment there could be a pony doing nothing behind you and you wouldn’t notice.”

If there’s one thing the “Cows Cows Cows” video taught me, it’s that amazing, awesome stuff is always waiting to happen, as soon as you’re not looking.