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explicit343305 artist:dyani-yahto65 oc666208 oc only438601 oc:maplepuff18 deer5397 deer pony1160 original species24628 anal26807 anus94546 blushing192695 dripping5277 female1336781 forest9900 looking back55511 nudity361604 one eye closed29480 outdoors9842 plant2042 plants279 raised hoof44234 raised tail14884 solo1044111 solo female176896 tentacle blowjob1772 tentacle porn7770 tentacles11558 tentacles on female4229 tree31373 triple penetration1308 underhoof50666 vagina48247 vaginal38406 vulva124572 wink24066


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Duck - Quack!

Actually that's a thing, you know =P
There are so many fics, pictures and animations of consensual tentacle porn that it's not even funny =)
AND THIS IS ONE OF THEM. Come on, there is absolutely no sign of it being not consensual >_>

Here here I demand more consensual tentacle porn. I mean is really not one girl who would love to have their own cosmic horror in a box under their bed they'd call Mister Cuddles.
Duck - Quack!

It doesn't look like rape at all =\
Why do people tag so many pictures as containing rape when in reality they don't? Just to be safe or what? Don't we have something like "implied rape" or whatever for this purpose cos I don't see anything that can be considered as grimdark on this picture.