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🎃Happy Spooktober🎃
I remember the online game Pokemon Crater or ’Pokemon Battle arena as it is now where in one of the maps you could catch a ‘Rainbow Rapidash’ which is like a normal one, but with a pink mane and tail and rainbow wings and was ‘extremely rare’

I don’t think this should count as Celestia’s “evil form”, more so of her rage shift form, like what Twilight did in “Feeling Pinkie Keen”.
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The Wee Free Men. I think you can find the speech as it was originally by Googling the last two sentences, because I didn’t change it all.
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It’s actually paraphrased from a Terry Pratchett book. I just thought it was appropriate.  
I always figured it would be the mindset she’d make herself gravitate to the more power she allowed herself, just to keep her priorities in place. Things start looking small otherwise.
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“All alicorns, you say, are selfish. Fine. Then I make selfishness my weapon.  
“All things are mine. Ponies’ lives and dreams and hopes are mine. I shall protect them. I shall save them. I bring them under my wing! I walk the gale for them! I keep away the wolves! MY student! MY subjects! MY little ponies! MY land! MY Kingdom! How dare you try to take these things, because THEY ARE MINE!  
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Unless stated otherwise, I think the comics are canon. If you can find me something that states otherwise, sure, but…  
I think all novels, comics, extended literature(Journal of the Two Sisters or example) count as canon, as none of them seem to contradict each other. I think the Rainbow Dash book, Double Daring Do Dare(or something) referenced the Double Rainboom from the Rainbow Dash micro-series.  
However, I recall another EQD post where they interviewed someone of note(can’t recall) for the Equestria Girls Rainbow Rocks movie, and on the subject of canon, he said it wasn’t 100 percent canon.  
Of course, this is all me saying this on the assumption that unless otherwise indicated, it’s canon.  
Oh, and just to make sure, please don’t post Rainbow Rocks spoilers if anyone responds, I’m waiting to see it on Blu-Ray, and shipping to Ireland takes time :p
Unkle Soup

Turn on…I see red, adrenaline crash and crash my head,nitro junkie pin me dead, and I see red! Gimme fuel, gimme fire gimme that which I desire,ooh!