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@Background Pony Number 17
It was a nice moment, but Rarity’s attitude in chapter two shines a dimmer light on her possessive pronoun. When meeting Charity, she introduces the ponies as her five best friends in the word, and only acknowledges Spike by telling him to carry the luggage.

That’s bad one its own, but the author also forgot to establish his presence in that scene, so when he finally has dialogue he just pops jarringly into existence.

Reeeaaal fucking professional there, girl.
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My headcanon: ’Charity’ was a mildly concussed leftover from Chrysalis’ abruptly truncated coup attempt. Getting lurve-shockwaved a couple miles just might impair one’s glamour/identity-manufacturing faculties.
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Background Pony #29DC
@Background Pony #4B7F
’Turned’ Gilda into an unrepentant villian? That said you’re right about Trixie. Now to be fair this was before they shared scripts with her so she didn’t know about Magic Duel when she wrote it.

Of course since the only villainous thing Trixie does is take part in a prank and the moment AJ shouts that Gilda is a liar Trixie starts arguing with her, it’s not to hard to spin it as Gilda taking advantage of post redemption Trixie and convincing her that ’hey, everybody does pranks etc.’. Then again that wasn’t the authors original intent, so, whatever floats your boat really.

That said saying meh to her works cause of her first book makes me think of a guy saying Season 2 wasn’t canon because Mare Do Well was in it.

TLDR Her first book has issues, not as many as people claim, but the rest of her books are pretty good.
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Background Pony #9939
Let’s not forget that her books also turned Trixie and Gilda into two bitter, unrepented villains.
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Background Pony #FC7C
Cosmic Spectra is in The Crystal Heart Spell; the Spirit Circle is in The Daring Do Double Dare. There are also a bunch of minor characters original to the books, or given names (or different names) in the books.
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Note that the books also have quirks that are not reflected in the series. In particular, Twilight wears her crown a lot more often, since the townsfolk prefer it.
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Background Pony #A2E9
Except for the fact G.M. Berrow is clearly writing with access to insider information. Rainbow Dash’s book also had a passage that hinted at Daring Do being real. And we do have another Sparity episode coming up before the end of the season…
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