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safe (1525133) artist:biosonic100 (177) caramel (2315) dj pon-3 (27642) octavia melody (21840) vinyl scratch (31737) annoyed (4799) blushing (168096) broom (1501) clothes (388731) floppy ears (44818) frown (20935) glare (7880) grin (31210) laughing (6758) magic (62722) plunger (115) robe (2893) smiling (203012) telekinesis (23280) walking (3843)


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I interpreted this the same way. I wish I never looked at the source. Not because the story is bad. It's just so depressing compared to what I thought was going on here.
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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Sour Sweet's Husbando
Nothing to be ashamed of Octavia. A clogged toilet means a job well done! Take a bow and throw yourself a baby shower!

*visits source to confirm his suspicions*
Oh, I guess I was wrong, good thing I checked the source.

I interpreted the picture as Octavia had clogged the commode so badly that she ended up calling in re-enforcements, notably those who could wield a plunger with telekinesis rather then just hooves.

Vinyl is now exiting the bathroom with her mighty "sword" slightly annoyed she had to be called away from whatever she was doing to deal with something of that nature while her high class society friend went through an embarrassed walk of shame having had caused and been forced to draw attention to the situation she had created.

And then of course Carmel just snickering all all that was going on.