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source needed15301 safe1749288 artist:aceofponies5 twilight sparkle305988 bronybait3011 comic111423 cute205560 cutie mark49659 eyes closed97914 female1400855 floppy ears54447 grin40842 happy32163 heart49982 hug request440 imma snuggle you273 looking at you175467 meme83327 open mouth154029 reaction image9559 smiling260516 solo1093613 twiabetes12261


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Background Pony #1345
Me:(smiles and hugs Twilight)Y-you promise?
Twilight:I promise.
(camera go's to the everfree forest and see's a Muto egg.
My Little Pony
Background Pony #0D30
It's gonna take more than a hug to cheer me up… if you know what I mean.