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safe1708329 artist:rain-gear213 trixie67547 pony969438 unicorn324192 cape10357 clothes460293 cloud30771 cloudy6101 double rainbow100 female1364864 fence2870 grass9704 hat86996 magic73358 mare481595 mountain5123 rain6088 rainbow4535 river1964 scenery8043 scenery porn847 solo1065515 storm797 sunshine246 trixie's cape3810 trixie's hat4613 umbrella2679 windmill330


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heh reminds me of last month when i created a storm and it was rainning on my street and i opened a sun portal just in the right way 2 where a rainbow came out on half of my street
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OK, so I went to this page and then a little Trixie pony started walking around the webpage. I know it's pretty much the same thing as Desktop Ponies as I had that.
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Ha!— I'm working on a Celestia with a parasol that has sunlight coming out from under it! It seems like such a perfectly appropriate thing for a magic user to have a Sunny Day Umbrella.

Good eye, having rain coming down in different directions; soooo many artists forget that if there's any sort of wind at all— and there has to be if the rain is coming down at an angle— then gusts will send rain in from multiple directions and at multiple angles.