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semi-grimdark (24316)artist:baitoubaozou (36)artist:peichenphilip (77)amethyst star (2078)bon bon (14631)lyra heartstrings (26075)sparkler (1929)sweetie drops (14621)earth pony (147623)pony (694528)semi-anthro (9499)unicorn (202433)abuse (5495)baseball bat (829)bipedal (26960)bon abuse (20)bottomless (10343)cellphone (2305)chair (4933)clothes (354925)crying (35669)dark comedy (559)dialogue (50532)domestic abuse (49)fat (17602)female (758181)frown (19564)glare (7561)hoof hold (5915)implied lesbian (2525)implied lyrabon (85)implied shipping (3555)lesbian (81667)mare (334167)open mouth (103910)phone (4235)plot (64817)prone (20432)raised hoof (32010)simple background (290189)sitting (45994)smartphone (1244)smiling (182771)soda (1212)speech bubble (16611)stockholm syndrome (28)television (1892)thinking (1372)thought bubble (2475)throwing (418)wat (17554)wavy mouth (2931)white background (72008)wifebeater (26)


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nobody's favorite
Of course, we all know better, right?

I mean, obviously, if there was abuse going on it’d be Bon Bon whi was beating Lyra.
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