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semi-grimdark28166 artist:baitoubaozou36 artist:peichenphilip79 amethyst star2310 bon bon15737 lyra heartstrings28133 sparkler2161 sweetie drops15737 earth pony204335 pony856961 semi-anthro11133 unicorn271747 abuse6404 baseball bat982 bipedal31017 bon abuse23 bottomless12347 cellphone2882 chair5989 clothes414645 crying40538 dark comedy627 dialogue61083 domestic abuse52 fat20175 female934006 frown21843 glare8079 hoof hold7440 implied lesbian3111 implied lyrabon101 implied shipping4442 lesbian92628 mare421535 open mouth125100 phone5218 plot71683 prone23525 raised hoof39932 simple background350117 sitting55885 smartphone1545 smiling218682 soda1422 speech bubble20828 stockholm syndrome35 television2172 thinking1717 thought bubble3038 throwing484 vulgar19713 wat18713 wavy mouth3342 white background88536 wifebeater31


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nobody's favorite
Of course, we all know better, right?

I mean, obviously, if there was abuse going on it'd be Bon Bon whi was beating Lyra.

@Background Pony #C2C9
Pretty much, they became synonymous with under achieving guys that live in trailer parks and run down homes. Which also became synonymous with the type of guy that takes out his frustrations on his wife and children.