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been bugging me lately, but just a suggestion for community discussion.
bunny suit
playboy bunny

images used
>>1865 by johnjoseco
>>606036 by ohohokapi
>>445580 by zap-apple-acid-trip

site/policy forum post, smilingpony’s 2 cents, 4 months ago

safe (1393744)artist:johnjoseco (4210)artist:ohohokapi (745)artist:zap-apple-acid-trip (22)apple bloom (42204)derpy hooves (45302)dinky hooves (4000)scootaloo (45528)sweetie belle (42712)twilight sparkle (253510)derpibooru (6141)adorabloom (1868)apple (12270)bipedal (26466)blue mane (443)bunny belle (19)bunny bloom (84)bunny costume (605)bunny ears (2663)bunnyloo (12)bunny pajamas (58)bunny suit (1732)clothes (343933)costume (20911)cute (141870)cutealoo (2118)cutie mark crusaders (15616)daicon iv (3)diasweetes (2038)ear piercing (15916)earring (13599)earth pony (138460)exploitable meme (32398)eyelashes (2967)eyes closed (65136)female (725272)filly (48417)food (48664)gainax (6)high heels (7834)hooves (14107)horn (22563)jewelry (36393)leotard (3535)long mane (2327)mare (317833)meme (72260)meta (14903)multicolored mane (509)pantyhose (2808)pegasus (177873)piercing (27041)pink mane (537)playboy bunny (584)pony (659691)purple mane (309)shoes (22720)simple background (281778)solo (856242)sword (9192)sword surfing (2)tags (418)trio (5698)unicorn (190499)weapon (22012)white background (69477)zap apple (349)

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@Background Pony #20CA
He’s asking if we should correctly split bunny suit and playboy bunny as two different thing, right now, an awful lot of the bunny suit pictures are playboy bunny suits.
I just did some preliminary count and roughly half (215/462) of the pictures in bunny suitarent pictures in actual bunny suits! Also we definitely should have a different tag for bunny ears.
If character has bunny ears and nothing else, its neither a bunny suit nor a playboy bunny. (Well, it could be argued for the later if the picture is extremely suggestive, but some arent.)
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this is bat country!
See that link up top that says forums?

That’s where you go if you want to open "community discussions".

It’s not that hard, people!
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