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dead source19478 safe1573901 artist:mlpanon190 coco pommel5469 rarity169550 spike74806 earth pony198429 pony844572 unicorn265641 rarity takes manehattan1353 bedroom eyes51395 chalk514 cloth215 fabric557 floppy ears46579 measuring tape1009 monochrome147784 pin223 pincushion190 pincushion spike35 pins97 raised hoof39254 scissors1012 simple background345117 sketch58735 smiling214625 string235 thread838 white background86962


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9 comments posted
Background Pony #A88E
… Why is Coco getting art faster than Mane-iac? Flutterbat I grudgingly accept, but COME ON!!!

Ah, the apprentice/master relationship…Wait, that doesn't happen in canon…WHY?!! {Sorry, harping on that still.}

Besides that, I really like this art piece. It's cute but adds it's own flare to the designs of the ponies.