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/r/: "feeling pretty down today, anyway want to draw a pet bat pony, wearing a collar and leash, the leash is tied to a post and she's waiting for her master to come back."

They wanted Pon3 so I traded her horn for wings and took off her glasses so you could see her bat eyes. DJ deadb4t or something.


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9 comments posted
Background Pony #84BB
i am not sure how to respond to this, i want feel bad for vinyl, but i can't stop laughing because of that visual pun.

* _ * My dreams just came true.

And no, this is not sad. It is sad, when you start to think about how Vinyl became a batpony. Or what she messed up to end up tied up and waiting for her master… Maybe she is thinking I will punish her?

But with this cuty face — Ic ouldn't.