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From the MLPG draw event prompt #2:
"Draw one (or more) of the mane six as a different species within the MLP universe!"
safe1639675 artist:php27674 apple bloom48013 fluttershy205692 pinkie pie209965 rainbow dash226621 rarity175958 scootaloo50138 sweetie belle47786 big cat916 chimera520 diamond dog3310 draconequus10189 goat1027 griffon25599 rabbit4854 snake2603 tiger333 angry25606 bunnified112 bunnyshy299 camping outfit310 chaos1159 chimerafied11 collar31001 cutie mark crusaders18577 dialogue62042 diamond dogified180 draconequified344 eyes closed86273 facehoof1710 floating3755 flying36191 frown22105 glare8128 griffonized1164 grin35600 gritted teeth11200 heart45496 implied transformation404 laughing7525 lineart19801 magic69757 monochrome146100 open mouth133521 pinkonequus25 raridog74 simple background370922 smiling230356 species swap18330 spread wings50814 the ultimate cutie mark crusader34 varying degrees of want677 white background91988 wide eyes16534 xk-class end-of-the-world scenario2306 yelling2941


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