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suggestive148626 artist:deusexequus469 twilight sparkle306667 alicorn233596 pony1014993 bedroom eyes61552 blushing205270 book34647 cheek fluff5978 chest fluff41427 clothes477341 comic111664 corset4457 dialogue68226 doing loving things336 doing sexy things17 dominatrix2372 ear fluff31430 female1405820 femdom8383 fishnets5537 harem934 implied anal583 implied blowjob915 implied oral1733 implied sex6213 impossibly large ears829 looking back60301 mare504182 meme83560 pimplight15 raised hoof48601 riding crop1855 sex slave818 twidom1130 twilight sparkle (alicorn)126388


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Techy Pony

I think that’d generally be unlikely to be narcissistic if you weren’t already attracted to the same gender. Regardless, that’d still be kind of nice.
I suppose we don’t know for sure what her sexuality is from this….

@Techy Pony  
Well, yeah, but I was never debating the second point at all! As if panel 4 doesn’t prove that by itself… Heh…
Though she may not like certain features, hence why she’d have a harem (multiple partners) in the first place… several options.

@Techy Pony  
From how I see it, she’s way too close for it to be a blowjob, unless I’ve got binoculars or something literally over my eyes to explain why she’s so close.
Also, this seems to be made with gender in mind, as it’s rather neutral in its terms, meant to be read by either male or female readers.
Techy Pony

Her face is close to “yours” so whatever is going on is happening below, but the perspective is wrong for kissing.
She must be bi in this comic given she finds her own body attractive. I wonder how that would be to be gay/bi, you’ve got in person hands on porn when ever you like (assuming you find yourself attractive), damn that would be awesome.
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Also am I the only one who thought the second was mostly kissing because the pov was wrong and the way her pupils are looking is also a bit wrong?