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safe1706500 artist:jiayi147 apple bloom49498 applejack169909 big macintosh28264 bon bon16368 braeburn6297 derpy hooves50163 diamond tiara10225 fido527 fleur-de-lis3652 fluttershy212673 gilda9628 gummy5067 little strongheart818 lyra heartstrings29547 lyrica lilac302 madame leflour410 mayor mare3276 mr. turnip248 nightmare moon16928 owlowiscious1984 philomena1072 photo finish2632 pinkie pie216219 powder rouge123 princess celestia95017 princess luna99141 rainbow dash233963 rarity181841 rocky352 rover995 sapphire shores999 scootaloo51260 silver spoon6528 sir lintsalot216 spike78786 spot459 sweetie belle49040 sweetie drops16368 trixie67487 twilight sparkle300339 winona2515 zecora9362 alicorn224440 alligator1093 bird8260 buffalo935 butterfly7079 cockatrice529 diamond dog3444 dog9509 dragon56291 earth pony248769 frog623 griffon27066 owl1138 parasprite2044 pegasus291866 phoenix1773 pony967616 reptile400 unicorn323361 zebra17718 a bird in the hoof697 a dog and pony show610 applebuck season876 boast busters1104 bridle gossip849 call of the cutie711 dragonshy922 fall weather friends750 feeling pinkie keen816 friendship is magic2885 green isn't your color920 griffon the brush off773 look before you sleep814 over a barrel780 owl's well that ends well431 party of one1084 season 11855 sonic rainboom (episode)1033 stare master639 suited for success860 swarm of the century721 the best night ever1367 the cutie mark chronicles957 the show stoppers571 the ticket master1013 winter wrap up1099 cake9790 clothes459638 collage1394 comic109125 cute199812 cutie mark crusaders19030 dress44524 egg3951 elements of harmony2458 everypony376 female1363146 filly66661 gala dress4570 heartwarming653 male372711 mane six31906 mare480592 nostalgia115 pinkamena diane pie19103 princess2222 s1 luna7282 scene interpretation8608 season comic5 show stopper outfits293 showgirl133 stallion108790 vertical121 vertical collage9 wall of tags3077


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The few nitpicks I have are that Rainbow shouldn't be flying in the "Fall Weather Friends" part, and it should be made more clear that the egg Twilight has in "The Cutie Mark Chronicles" is Spike's.
Background Pony #10ED
"Holy Faust, Twilight, how in Tartarus did you fit all of this in one letter?!"
Background Pony #9ED8
"yes my minion…learn,and when the moment is right…we strike…"

"umm your majesty?"


"…this is the third time this week…"