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Pony Size Chart
safe1766628 angel bunny10056 apple bloom51483 applejack174522 basil402 bessie44 big macintosh28985 caramel2558 cheerilee10190 cotton cloudy460 cyan skies12 daisy jo98 dinky hooves4428 fluttershy218735 opalescence2136 owlowiscious2022 pinkie pie221580 princess celestia97205 rainbow dash240038 rarity186931 snails5383 snips4271 spike80982 twilight sparkle308003 winona2560 cow3468 dragon59499 earth pony273022 hydra499 parasprite2064 pony1026507 spider1817 analysis245 male393024 multiple heads1715 size chart282 size comparison735 stallion118097 udder1177


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Yeah, no. 100kg for a pony the size of a medium/large dog, which can fly or jump several meters into the air? No. 30ish would be more like it.  
Also, can’t unsee “University of 10cm”
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The weight assumption at the bottom is 100% incorrect (I admitted that much right after posting this back on PB). The rest is just creature size comparison.  
I only made this one for fun, so it is incomplete and probably inaccurate. :p  
Thanks for posting it, tho! Makes me feel warm and fuzzy.