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Pony Size Chart
safe1555314 angel bunny9324 apple bloom46175 applejack157228 basil337 bessie41 big macintosh26664 caramel2334 cheerilee9279 cotton cloudy376 cyan skies5 daisy jo83 dinky hooves4224 fluttershy195753 opalescence1950 owlowiscious1891 pinkie pie201365 princess celestia89019 rainbow dash217197 rarity167898 snails5123 snips3982 spike74207 twilight sparkle279774 winona2416 cow2849 dragon46574 earth pony190420 hydra444 parasprite1961 pony826514 spider1577 analysis233 male299032 multiple heads1509 size chart273 size comparison659 stallion90336 udder1059


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Yeah, no. 100kg for a pony the size of a medium/large dog, which can fly or jump several meters into the air? No. 30ish would be more like it.
Also, can't unsee "University of 10cm"
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The weight assumption at the bottom is 100% incorrect (I admitted that much right after posting this back on PB). The rest is just creature size comparison.
I only made this one for fun, so it is incomplete and probably inaccurate. :p
Thanks for posting it, tho! Makes me feel warm and fuzzy.