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Pony Size Chart
safe1948499 angel bunny10611 apple bloom55893 applejack186492 basil424 bessie45 big macintosh31092 caramel2706 cheerilee10676 cotton cloudy488 cyan skies13 daisy jo109 dinky hooves4553 fluttershy236010 opalescence2243 owlowiscious2103 pinkie pie236848 princess celestia104239 rainbow dash257361 rarity201410 snails5612 snips4455 spike86549 twilight sparkle330273 winona2663 cow3983 dragon70604 earth pony351858 hydra527 parasprite2159 pony1298570 spider2118 analysis256 male451444 multiple heads1866 size chart308 size comparison849 stallion146131 udder1269


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Yeah, no. 100kg for a pony the size of a medium/large dog, which can fly or jump several meters into the air? No. 30ish would be more like it.  
Also, can’t unsee “University of 10cm”
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The weight assumption at the bottom is 100% incorrect (I admitted that much right after posting this back on PB). The rest is just creature size comparison.  
I only made this one for fun, so it is incomplete and probably inaccurate. :p  
Thanks for posting it, tho! Makes me feel warm and fuzzy.