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bill cipher: yes at last at long long last! universes have collide! the prophecy 100000 years told has come to pass! the time has come! both equestrias are mine!!!
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I'm digging how Peter doesn't have an counterpart in Walternate/Fauxlivia's bubble. It's really nice attention to detail!

think of DC Universe or the TMNT moive: Turtles Forever or even the Marvel Universe or the moive, The One or even sonic the hedgehog.

is seem that every different iteration of
fiction in media represent a Universe or
Universes created by the artist and fans
of that media.

after all.. who is to say how many
worlds we create or how many
worlds within a fiction media

if DC,Marvel,Sonic and The Ninja Turtles,
heck ..even Transformers and GI Joe all have a Multiverse

why not My Little Pony.

AJ: ma brain smarts just thinking about that.

ME: *_sorry Jacky been play to much DC Universe online
lately plus hitting up the DCUO wiki._*
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Every single thought about Equestria made by any person ever is a potentially different iteration of it, no matter how miniscule the differences.

There is no fathomable reason or means to list them all.