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safe1656025 artist:hinoraito128 applejack165761 fluttershy207298 pinkie pie211273 rainbow dash228228 rarity177364 twilight sparkle293842 alicorn214700 pony920416 unicorn302787 color porn1064 everything is context2 eyestrain warning381 female1319321 fluttercorn295 jewelry58663 mane six31102 mare457147 race swap13797 rainbowcorn355 scenery7767 this will end in chaos25 tiara3731 unicorn applejack25 unicorn pinkie pie29 unicorn twilight15923 why2498


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Background Pony #F2B9

I know I'm answering something old, but probably you didn't notice that all the ponies got horns, even Pinkie Pie and Applejack. That's what makes Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash the only alicorns in this picture.