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semi-grimdark (24362)artist:steve (32)boulder (pet) (1161)maud pie (11050)abuse (5501)blood (19623)bruised (1212)crying (35735)doing hurtful things (123)feels (1478)frown (19584)hoof hold (5932)looking at you (120356)looking away (2833)maudabuse (14)meme (73418)nosebleed (1951)sad (20579)waifu (1172)


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Daneasaur's avatar
To explain better; these are made to showcase the depth of character the characters have. 99% of the ones made by "white knights’ showcase the usual "send you to the sun" or otherwise beatings, thus they don’t get it.

Those people don’t know what an abusive relationship is like, HOW the other person can control you so completely.

This showcases a lighter side of it where they decide to let go, they had what they wanted and don’t want it anymore, and even though it’s abusive in all of it, the goodbye is supposed to show how broken they feel.

The good ones, the ones that make you feel sad, that’s the quality you should look for, because it captures the characters well.
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Sien69's avatar
This, this is the most precise depiction out of these comics. I mean, her reaction in the last panel is so powerful that makes the viewers feel somehow ashamed…
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I feel like this one is one of the most true-to-character ones of these.. The last panel says so much in the context of her character. Probably the most impactful one for me; so sad..
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Background Pony #4A2D
At first I thought Boulder was the one doing the things. That would probably be worse.
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