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safe1755320 artist:canvymamamoo364 twilight sparkle306677 pony1015267 unicorn344301 semi-anthro13613 adorkable3590 chemistry361 chemistry joke44 chest fluff41432 clothes477400 copper18 copper and tellurium5 cuprum5 cute206250 dork3869 female1406011 flirting1519 mare504311 necktie7617 nerd972 periodic table220 pickup lines102 pun7696 science1256 shirt26308 solo1097404 sweet dreams fuel1674 tellurium10 traditional art120607


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Background Pony #244B
Don’t you mean a Copper-Tellerium pun?
Just shot me now… Too much composition work.
Background Pony #D3DF
>Upload a pic from an artist I’m sure hasn’t been uploaded yet.  
>Automated Perceptual dedupe match notice appears!  
>The thing is accredited to a different artist entirely.
What’s going on here?  
Can’t say it’s art theft considering that other pic also points to kaboderp-sketchy’s DA page.
You’ve got some explaining to do, Derpibooru.
Background Pony #321B
Makes a change from being told I’m sulphur, hydrogen, iodine and tellurium.
Artist -
Silver Bit -

Enjoys making things
I work with copper that has tellurium (0.5%) mixed in to make machining a lot nicer than pure copper. I work with this material a lot actually, in the machine shop.