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1. That is a classic sign of a possible malware infection. Scan your system.

2. Oh god, the toolbars. I've seen some ridiculous set-ups in the past. Use HijackThis! and a malware scanner to help throw out the BHOs.

3. lol ie

4. …I've noticed that happening to me, too. Can be worked around.

5. That Google Play shit turns me off, but yes.

7. lol ie

6. U got malware. Scan ur machine. I love how so many "Windows" updates go toward that gaping security hole.
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1. every time I close it, it opens itself up again in multiple windows. I have to close it faster than it can duplicate itself, then I have to keep on it until it stops. Every time I click on some link that uses IE as the default explorer, I roll my eyes and grit my teeth for another computer battle. This has happened on two computers of mine and one of an acquaintance's.

2. 90 toolbars, 90% of whose buttons I do not need and will never need. Seems like no matter what I uninstall, the browser's top is still aesthetically displeasing.

3. on any computer whose hard drive has been wiped and OS reinstalled, I can open up IE without a problem, but it's SLOW AS MOLASSES-COVERED TESTICLES and it always pops up with "Internet Explorer 8!" something or other that I have to close

4. sometimes gifs open up in IE even though I tell them not to. They always play at about HALF their proper framerate when displaying in IE. This was before I obtained VirtualDub, VLC, etc.

5. nothing IE can do holds a candle to all the custom-written extensions that you can have in Chrome. I have about 7 I think, every one of which improves my browsing experience in some way that I enjoy

7. downloads are slower in IE for some reason, and don't have Chrome's convenient bar display

6. i haven't even DONE ANYTHING to or with my current IE on my current computer, and everytime it shows up it STILL has 90 toolbars, is STILL slow, STILL popups, and still hangs my damn computer

it's almost as bad as iTunes for fuck's sake
and iTunes is baaad