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Dead source? Not anymore babyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Can’t keep a good animation down lads, man is free the moment he wishes to be.
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(Previously known as TychoTMA1994)

Its full of ponies!
@Keith Mowz
I would if I could, but during orientation I had to drop and re-choose my Comp. 1 class three times, and the 8:00 pm class was the only one that would fit.
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Well the show wasn’t gruesome of course it won’t be as violent as the ones you mentioned.
But I wouldn’t say they failed to make an impression if the Mami Head Jokes are anything to go by and Madoka’s in the hands of Homura in one of the previous timelines was dramatic.

And then there is Rebellion which it sure as hell left an impression. And again Madoka has more going for it than characters death.
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Duck - Shills for Shillary

Are you implying that death is the only good thing about anime and that Madoka had nothing else going for it?

No more like >implying that the deaths in madoka were below par, and utterly failed to make as big an impression as most of the Madoka fanbois make / made it out to be.

And, yes I do want more OTT Anime like Higurashi, or Mirai Nikki. School Days was also OK. Though by the time we got to the end, I just didn’t care anymore.
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