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safe1658196 artist:stoic5595 applejack165907 fluttershy207479 nightmare moon16579 pinkie pie211453 princess celestia93087 rainbow dash228408 rarity177516 twilight sparkle294118 curved horn6399 final fantasy1304 frown22253 glare8163 looking up15673 mane six31133 open mouth137247 parody15487 scared10084 smiling235098 spread wings52003


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Background Pony #175A
Equestria is veiled in darkness. The wind stops, the sea is wild, and the earth begins to rot. The ponies wait, their only hope, a prophecy… 'When Equestria is in darkness Six Warriors will come…' On the longest day of 1000 years, six young ponies gather, each holding an ELEMENT.

And so, their journey begins. What awaits the Six, they do not know. Each holding an ELEMENT, that 1000 years ago shined with magic from within. But now, only darkness. Come!! Start your journey! Return the light of harmony to our world.
Wallet After Summer Sale -

Young Leosword
I actually bought everything in ATB just because I was bored, and my grandparents gave me fifty dollars every week while I lived at their place. XD

Directed by Motomu Toriyama.

Starring: His waifu Lightning.

Twilight: Who the fuck are you?

Lightning: I created Ponyville, Earth, The galactic Federation, Middle Earth, microwavable burritos, Narnia and I am here to help you.

Mane Cast: – 3-

Everyone: Fuck this. (Leaves)