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Season 4 is over and I'm a little late with my content.
But it was a lot of work even through you don't see it in the result.
I try to focus on the mane 6 in my picture cause Discord and Tirek where a great duo and
I'm happy to see that my idea of a corrupted discord was become true ;) (even for just a while).
But at the end I was thinking. It was a big and great final but I don't wanna include them. I had
make many many scribbles with ideas for this pic. But they don't fit into what I wanna to show.
The hole Show us the connection of friendship and that's the main part on meta.
And so there wasn't a place even for Discord.
I hope you like the very clean solution I made, I tried some filters and effects I usually use.
But its not fits well to this style. So hope you enjoyed the season, the final and of course my art :3

Your RarieDash

A little plus information about Twilight and her key and why there is no discord at all.

I made scribble with Discord of course. He was on Fluttershy's windows, on the place where her key stand. Sitting there head sunken in tears and holding the amulet of Tireks Brother. It looks very good
and keep his chaotic nature to include himself always as a fault every single way. But then I realized just for me (it might be a mistake) that he isn't a important part just like that impressive enemy Tirek is.
Its just about her friends stand besides twilight and this is not his part. He is not completely ready for. He isn't a true evil guy. But he mess it up and its a picture about friends, about trust and about true
harmony. And that's what he never will become completely. On the other hand why Flim and Flam, they bad guys they lie and make money with it. But, they not truly evil. They don't wanna burn down equestria or something.
So its part of AJ's key. So last question is, why no key for twilight? Well there is enough space in the center. But I think Meghan McCarthy make a big mistake in her big episode to let discord be Twilights sign and key giver.
It should have be the magic of friendship of all the others. By releasing them in exchange to her alicorn power the chest should be open by itself.
I mean let think back on the first 2 pilot episodes. Where the element of Magic came from? There where no item around. Its just appears from her friendship. And that's how her key should be made.
And thats the hole reason why I placed all characters around her. They are her key. Its still there ;)

A couple of you Write me, why is discord missing or "What about Silver Shill?".
The answer is simple. This is NOT a canon seasonFinal Picture. This is what the season is JUST for me.
All pictures I made are first of all made by me for me. You couldn't judge Quentin Tarantino for making
Inglorious Bastards and who they killed Hitler and something (just as example) and say that's not like history.
Its the freedom of creativity that I take and yes you can advice that you miss them and your not the same
opinion. But you shouldn't not be saying that I make mistakes. I like my work and my way how I come to
this picture. And before you write something, just think about it.
safe1706853 artist:rariedash464 apple bloom49513 applejack169946 boneless437 bulk biceps3439 cheese sandwich3968 coco pommel5952 flam2148 fleetfoot2199 flim2237 fluttershy212697 granny smith5347 pinkie pie216242 princess cadance32477 princess celestia95038 princess luna99157 rainbow dash233992 rarity181873 seabreeze499 soarin'13987 spitfire13440 twilight sparkle300363 alicorn224505 breezie2146 pony968038 season 42483 twilight's kingdom3120 bits1098 coin692 female1363507 flim flam brothers1246 flower25652 key684 key of generosity9 key of honesty10 key of kindness9 key of laughter13 key of loyalty8 luggage253 mane six31909 mare480835 neon's bit20 party cannon1761 pointy ponies3385 rainbow power2836 rainbow thread177 seabreeze's flower17 stained glass1196 twilight sparkle (alicorn)123670 vector76907 wallpaper18623 wonderbolt badge66 wonderbolts3635


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