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dead source25482 safe1770667 artist:probablyfakeblonde458 discord32107 twilight sparkle308530 draconequus13155 pony1030691 unicorn350886 annoyed5663 art inside art5 chocolate milk738 discord being discord308 easel375 elements of harmony2522 featured image919 female1419291 floating4182 floppy ears55542 frown23951 glare8334 grin42001 gritted teeth13543 male394368 mare511442 paint2009 paintbrush1730 painting3830 palette198 raised eyebrow6768 shears47 smiling267059 tail hold459 twilight is not amused1540 unamused17012 unicorn twilight19220 wine glass1561


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Background Pony #6A5C
Recently Discord/Twilight got really popular…
Did somehting happened?
Background Pony #775E
Reminds me of that episode of ReBoot where Hex gets access to the paint tools.
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

That’s kind of unwieldy.
However, and it isn’t obvious from the picture, he started with a complete portrait and has been taking the image off, stroke by stroke.