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I base this entirely on the Dresden Files, where horrendous creatures like the naagloshii, or skinwalkers, ancient evil shape-shifters that pervert nature with their very presence, feed upon the fear they cause so much that merely speaking of them gives them power, love torturing so much they rarely kill their pray unless it can make another suffer making them watch, and unable to be killed or banished by magical or conventional means without either ancient Native secrets or a test nuclear bomb… are kept the in the minimum security section at a magical prison the original Merlin created.
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Because COLORING!!
Building off of this theory, here’s another interpretation:
What if Tartarus ITSELF is a monster? Not just a monster, but the monster. Imagine some ignorant fool or nihilistic cultist delves into the depths and unlocks the seal around the creature’s heart. The land rumbles. Mountains uproot themselves, and a titanic, unthinkable horror blots out the sun.
It is Tartarus, and it is the End.
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Well the Bugbear was lock in Tartarus and escape at more the likely the same time as Tirek, so I say this very believable. Of it need to be pointed out that Tirek would have never gotta as far as he did with Discord help. Making the idea that there worse lock up very likely
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A Youtuber from way back in the day who (to my knowledge) was the first person to really start abusing the shit out of Youtube’s DMCA system with his lawyer mother after starting that whole year long Sonic fan split between people that like the pre-4kids actors and the people that like the 4kids actors.
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Grogar is undoubtedly down there, and the Bugbear was probably there as well.
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Needs to know Hebrew.
No, if that happened it would just go WHAM on the ground if there’s a ground to go WHAM on.
The Amish would not be effected much, nor would anyone else like the Amish.