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safe1753771 artist:zelc-face307 ahuizotl841 diamond tiara10409 discord31870 gilda9804 king sombra14243 lightning dust4611 lord tirek5419 mane-iac1652 nightmare moon17241 queen chrysalis35516 sunset shimmer64944 suri polomare1239 trixie68809 earth pony267244 griffon28026 pegasus310305 pony1013429 unicorn343603 twilight's kingdom3173 angry28148 antagonist1655 bipedal36259 cigar744 cross-popping veins1757 female1404629 frown23630 glare8306 glasses64899 gold teeth8 gold tooth98 grin41154 gritted teeth13301 grumpy2610 male388971 open mouth155078 prone26403 selfie3299 shutter shades245 smiling262070 smoking4313 sunglasses15101 swag843 wide eyes17428


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@Background Pony #3B2E  
Yet Nightmare Moon and Gilda came earlier. But to see Sunset beating Gilda in numbers, that’s a proof.
But I think Queen Chrysalis seems to have the gold in this one considering she only appears in a finale episode(s) while Discord has plenty. She’s got the same popularity as Trixie .
Background Pony #7E6D
Trixie has been around the longest, followed by Discord, then Chrysalis, etc.
Sunset’s doing pretty well considering how relatively new she is.

looks at the character tags and number of pictures
Surprisingly Trixie’s the most popular antangonist followed by Discord and Queen Chrysallis.
Background Pony #EB02
It’s always adorable when people put characters like Gilda, Diamond Tiara, Lightning Dust, and non-Alicorn Amuleted Trixie in with the likes of Discord, Sombra, and Nightmare Moon.
Background Pony #153B
I feel there should be a pony parody of that #SELFIE song to this pic. :p
Millennial Dan
Artist -

Where on earth did you hear that nonsense? NO such announcements have EVER been made. All anyone has ever said is stuff like:
  • Season 4 is not EqG  
  • EqG will not (visibly) alter Season 4  
  • Flash won’t be in S4 (whoops)
    Alongside all of that, McCarthy explicitly stated that the events of the movie certainly DID occur canonically with the rest of the show’s story. I can’t believe there’s anyone still claiming this silliness.
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Well… to be fair, Mane-iac would be enjoying herself if she was strapped to the underside of a bomber flying through flak over Europe, or trapped in a tank filled with sharks and pirahnas.
That one isn’t quite right in the head.
Millennial Dan
Artist -

You’re basically just subjecting everyone to your own selective bias. The alicorn amulet only exaggerated Trixie’s already-existent desire for revenge. She doesn’t get a pass.
As for LD, she was a little stupid, but NOT antagonistic.