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@Mugen Kagemaru  
Hi peeps, I’m the person who drew this. So the reason Twilight has an eye patch is mainly because the Canon FIM had the future Twilight episode, I kinda just added the rest of the unicorns I thought would fit in if Future Twilight was Solid.  
Trixie - Twilight’s Rival  
Twilight Velvet - Twilight’s mom (kind of like Naked Snake being the original/father/brother to his “clones”)  
Sunset Shimmer - The one that gained a large amount of power (also the only one I had left, so obligatory last space)  
I never meant it to be too serious, but I do love both series, and thought it was a cool mix.
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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A waste of biomatter
What if Trixie,Sunset and Twilight are all clones of the princess,but each one has different traits genetically by origin? Say Sunset’s the oldest and gets her genes from Celestia dominate chromosomes,which explains her arrogance and why she ran away,Trixie genes do come from Celestia (Luna was on the moon when she was born)but her traits come from the same recessive genes that made luna and like Sunset she is arrogant but more social thanks to living a life with more access to other ponies.
And Twilight has traits from both Luna and Celestia and is the superior clone not just because she has the greatest magical potential but because unlike the others Celestia ensured Twilight was raised with a proper,loving family rather than raising a clone herself like Sunset or letting them be raised in an orphanage outside the princess influence like Trixie which is why Twilight is the most humble and eventually friendly.
They all have the potential in their genes to become Alicorns but not one of them suspect that they are clones except maybe Sunset who was raised in almost isolation with Celestia .The princess purposely placed each clone in different environments and manipulated their lives to see which could become her successor for the throne when Celestia,Cadence and Luna eventually transcend the mortal plane.
She would like all three clones to work together with friendship to strengthen their power and hopes Twilight efforts to reform the other two can prevent a power struggle and Celestia,cadence and Luna are clones too as well as their former rulers and on and on all from the first Alicorn the Faust…at this point i’m just posting ideas fora fanfic.