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Episode Art, so big! or well. Games

What a game. Spike beating something with lots of Spikes.
Was not sure where to go with this initially during most steps. From the initial sketch figuring out what to draw to begin with.

That ice though, that crowd, those ponies (and Gryphons!)
Kept it simple XD and even with getting distracted by funny Kallisti stream calls, it didn't take as long as I expected… probably because I kept it simple and rough. (Don't zoom in!!!)

Had to put the Gryphons in, they were not visible during the event but ok. The ones who were visible actually were the Princesses! Celestia and Luna (briefly) that is. Don't know if Cadance was behind them but I put her there too hehe.

Burn, Ice, Burn!
safe1706835 artist:assasinmonkey809 bulk biceps3439 fluttershy212697 princess cadance32477 princess celestia95038 princess luna99157 rainbow dash233992 soarin'13987 spike78792 spitfire13440 alicorn224505 griffon27073 pegasus291977 pony968019 equestria games (episode)785 crystal stadium33 equestria games436 female1363496 fire11420 fire breath673 flying38167 ice1225 ice cloud10 mare480825 open mouth145915 scene interpretation8610 stadium272 wallpaper18623


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@Blood Brandy
Watch the movie where he allows Capper to hold him like a flamethrower.

It may not be stadium sized, but it's very large and the lingering flames are also still green.

There isn't a hint of orange.

Equestria games just botched it like it did with everything else and the animation team was lazy that day shoving in background characters instead of paying attention to the foreground.
Blood Brandy

And it's also the only time (That I can remember, at least) that he makes such a large plume. That said, if you look at the fire close to him in that scene, it is greenish in color. It just turns to normal fire colors as it fans out.


@Blood Brandy
He can't. There is no other scene in which he does. You're welcome to comb over the entire series, but the only time he blew orange fire was in his dreamspot in Dog and Pony show, be he was also imagining himself as a cleft chin hero.

All other actual times he breathed fire; be it sending scrolls or lighting something on fire/melting iron, it has been green…

Except this moment; an episode dedicated to making Spike the butt of as many jokes as possible.
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This is as jaw-dropping amazing as the episode itself. Epic action Spike for my PC desktop background!

(I don't know why I had to try and use TV Tropes italics here…)
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Will Spike gain a commemorative stained glass in the Crystal Empire for this act of bravery ?
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It's not the best from AssasinMonkey, for his own admission he kept it rough and simple.
But anyway it seems featured images are reserved for special occasions and old, undervalued pictures. This will get an upvotes galore on its own…