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safe (1486560) artist:tigerprincesskaitlyn (16) applejack (152524) fluttershy (189990) pinkie pie (194878) princess cadance (29007) rainbow dash (209855) rarity (162473) shining armor (20761) twilight sparkle (269676) female (811188) flutterarmor (23) implied incest (1313) infidelity (4747) male (276292) mane six (27561) manwhore (3) rariarmor (46) shining armor gets all the mares (261) shiningdash (61) shiningjack (55) shiningpie (32) shipping (171988) simple background (310225) straight (113842) swag (820) vector (68821) white background (77433)


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11 comments posted
Background Pony #BD19
I'd like to think Shining Armour is completely oblivious to all the attention.
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Shining! Cheating on Cadence is one thing! I mean…you do it all the time with your sister and Chrysalis. But cheating on Twilight! The mare you cheated on Cadence for! Shame on you!
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A waste of biomatter
"That's is my husband girls!"
"That is my Brother girls…who i think just should be committed to mares that he has a more personal connection with that's all…"
Background Pony #294E
Sombra, Big Mac and Fancypants: Who the hell do you think you are, amateur?

Shining Armor is a rather handsome stallion. If he would have come to Ponyville before getting married, I could picture Rarity fawning over him.