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safe1706492 artist:andypriceart3077 applejack169908 derpy hooves50163 flam2147 flim2236 fluttershy212672 pinkie pie216217 queen chrysalis34795 rainbow dash233962 rarity181840 spike78786 trixie67487 twilight sparkle300337 alicorn224440 changeling47641 dragon56291 earth pony248768 flutter pony389 pony967611 unicorn323360 idw15215 spoiler:comic10597 alternate universe10284 andy you magnificent bastard281 bright eyes (mirror universe)48 canterlot5681 dark mirror universe183 equestria-371 eyeshadow15612 female1363142 flim flam brothers1246 glasses61909 implied cannibalism346 male372711 mane seven6512 mane six31905 mare480590 mirror universe474 princess of humility29 race swap14246 reversalis240 stained glass1196 trixiecorn453 twilight sparkle (alicorn)123666 yin yang25 yin-yang301


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The composition of this is straight up amazing, the balance in theme too.
Fairness, each looking one way, gavel balanced by scales.
Humility, with her highlight at her feet.
Wisdom, the only one with their eyes open.
Love, showing bashful affection, against a background of colors symbolic of romance and passion.

Bro, if this was accidental, buy a dang lottery ticket.
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@Background Pony #6D6B
That is Mirror Trixie… the version from the Reflection world. Basically, the Mirror version have their personality inverted: Flim and Flam are honest and fair, Trixie is humble, Chrysalis is an all-loving granny figure and Derpy is a wise scholar — while the Mane Six are wanted criminals and Granny Smith is a mob boss.
Background Pony #C2E8
I think the best definition of humility is "the opposite of pride". Humility isn't false modesty, or self-deprecating smarminess, but rather an accurate view of one's self. So certainly, she probably would have declined the honor if she was asked, but if the idea is more to celebrate the virtue than her, she might simply be thankful.
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Yes, the best way to honor somepony's humility is with a giant stained-glass window of them looking utterly triumphant, put up in the main hall of the castle for everyone to see.
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@Background Pony #6F66
Diamond Dogs: Give out gems/treasures to the poor.

Ahuizotl: A vegetarian/rebel. With his cats, they form a team to stop evil. Use ancient artifacts for good instead of evil.

Daring Do: Destroy Ahuizotl

Tirek: Angel-like centaur with extreme positive intentions, and want to bring down Tyrants Celestia and Luna.

Scorpan: Sees the ponies as sickening vermin who wishes to rid them, but Tirek banish him to possibly an "undepressing" version of Tartarus.

Cloud Gremlins: Spread the world with joy and hope.

Nightmare Moon: Divine dark Alicorn with the alignment of good.

Nightmare Forces: Called: The Dreamforces, they are moon creatures that spread out good dreams, and are not at all gangly and smokey.

Mane-iac: Heroic action heroine.

Parasprites: Magically coughs out food or other things randomly.

Maud Pie: Insane version of Pinkie pie, but more evil and regretful of her sister: Pinkie.

Gilda: A griffon with no atitude, and love girly things.

Plunderseeds: Vegitates good plants, they are deep within the Everfree forest after Anti-Discord’s assumed death.