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Trixie vs. Age Spell/Flight Spell/Moon


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@Joseph Goebbels
Well my reasoning is that Rarity is friends with Twilight, a pony who has lived most, if not all of her life in Canterlot, with very close ties to Celestia and probably most of the royal court. Rarity is also a pony who(at least at the time of the Grand Galloping Gala) is obsessed with Canterlot high society, and aristocracy didn’t know that Blueblood was a jerk. So I don’t think that it is likely that Trixie would even begin to guess he is a jerk.

And from Trixie’s point of view, only the highest ranked, most handsome, rich, royal, and eligible stallion would be worthy of her.

But mostly it’s because it’s funny that they are both obnoxious and insufferable, and very likely deserve the other’s company(plus artistically speaking their colors compliment each other).
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