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suggestive (112861)artist:ratherdevious (49)maud pie (11045)pinkie pie (188688)spike (68279)anthro (200267)breast grab (4731)breasts (202990)busty maud pie (801)busty pinkie pie (8442)clothes (354812)female (757918)fishnets (3989)grope (9067)lingerie (8387)lucky bastard (1790)male (257152)maudspike (23)mike (28)panties (41477)piecest (357)pinkamena diane pie (17217)pinkamenaspike (14)pinkiemaud (173)pinkiespike (380)shipping (164070)sideboob (7794)sisters (5970)spike gets all the mares (612)straight (109205)strategically covered (2291)teasing (2857)thong (4771)underwear (49549)undressing (4075)


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Background Pony #8D57
Pinkie: My sister REALLY wanted to meet you, Spike, but only in private. She heard that dragons are even harder than rocks.
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