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Early Morning, Luna the new Princess of the Night is changing shifts with her sister Tia. Today’s agenda is to take Tia to make an appearance at a once in a lifetime carnival in Equestria!
Woona overhears this and excitedly, playfully and happily romps (Romping is important) over to join in.
Her parents scold Woona because they’ve told her many times before. She is the princess of the Night, her duty is to guard the night, which means she sleeps during the day.
Woona can’t go to the carnival. Darkness develops in the young one’s heart.


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Background Pony #D980
I would really appreciate if you didn’t post my art without my permission.

The butthurts in the comments are real, what are you so mad about she just told the kid to go to sleep and the kid threw a tantrum, nothing special.
Background Pony #CC1F
this, to me, explains why Luna was jealous of her sister. celstia always the privileged of the two.
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Pedantry Executive
My word! She wants to join in her sister’s big day, and they refuse to let her? That’s… That’s… I can’t describe it. I really hope Celestia tells them to let Luna come along, because the alternative is just wrong.
Background Pony #A0F3
This is why Celestia Fails so much, because she takes after her pig of a mother.