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safe1676211 artist:egophiliac2145 princess celestia93795 princess luna97930 alicorn218649 pony938877 alternate hairstyle27386 chocolate3309 cute195290 cutelestia3531 drink4727 duo58466 ethereal mane7592 eyes closed90061 female1336138 glowing horn19070 happy30398 hot chocolate1231 levitation11818 lunabetes3486 magic71760 mare466258 mug4128 prone24976 royal sisters4312 sisters8497 smiling240352 starry mane3934 telekinesis27055


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Celestia: It's nice to know that we can spend time together.
Luna: Yes, my sister it has benn far to long since we have sat down to speak to each other.
Background Pony #969C
and luna is getting all excited and starting to talk fast and in a second she'll realise that she's spilt her coco =3
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

Sometimes I stumble across an image that was uploaded a long time ago and has no comments.

I as myself, why?

A shitty MSpaint OC image with no comments and 50 jillion downvotes I can understand. I cannot however, understand this going without a comment.

It's a nice image, Luna's hair is pretty, Celestia looks pretty without her regalia,that blanket looks cozy, and I can only begin to imagine just what they're talking about.