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@Background Pony #0BAC
Well, there IS a theory that Twilight might still be dormant in the back of the alicorn's mind that she hijacked, but naturally, there's no way for anyone to know for sure short of pestering Kkat to death about it.
Background Pony #2CB8
Ghosts, AJ may be a stretch but Pinkie might just do some haunts, as for Twilight, exactly what happened to her mind is unclear, the fic implied that she simply passed on after that but who's to say she's not body hopping in the remains of the Alicorn hive mind? Plus Rarity was rather definitively dead too and yet she was one of the very first saves here

Mind the eyes, Spoilers ahead

@Background Pony #1E1C
Well, good luck with that. The other three won't be as easily…resuscitatable. Two have been dead for over 200 years, one of em having been buried at the bottom of a vault, and the third, for a lack of a better statement, ceased to be both physically AND mentally.
Background Pony #0EDE
as I read this I get the feeling he's going for a sort of everyone lives verion of the setting, or at least a tongue in cheek idea of the mane cast actually seeing it
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Planeswalker — FoME
Possibly. Kkat deliberately left Dash's fate ambiguous. He has his own take on it, but he refuses to make that canon. It's actually astonishing how much of his own work he treats as recursive fanfiction rather than legitimate expansions to FO:E.
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The Anti-Normies
the flah references? like that brave and bold episode were the flash was trapped in a super speed loop while people looked him as some sort of ghost?