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useless source url2718 explicit338992 artist:samoyena61 artist:sunibee497 fluttershy207661 human150349 pony924251 anal fingering571 anatomically correct23025 anus93413 blank flank7404 dialogue63078 dock47664 embarrassed10964 eyes closed88499 female1322949 female focus6151 fingering4403 flutterbutt4838 frown22263 hand8417 heart46450 human on pony action10241 impossibly large ponut1010 large ponut1610 nudity357122 offscreen character32624 on side6556 open mouth137619 plot76083 ponut41840 raised tail14636 sex noises752 shiny2243 solo focus16273 speech bubble22167 spread anus535 spread pussy3545 spreading18043 teasing3608 that is one stretchy ponut196 tsundere2787 vagina47802 vaginal secretions38650 vulva122972


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Background Pony #DD6E
Horse anus has completely ruined human anus for me. Who would pick a tiny puckered little pencil sharpener over lusciously soft ponuts made of firm elasticated muscle and attached to best ponies?
Joseph Raszagal
Wallet After Summer Sale -

Emily Brickenbrackle III
Everything, 'Shy. Everything is special about it.

Or, in a less pervy sense and more logistical: Your butthole is attached to a canary yellow pegasus with a pink mane and tail that can talk. Pretty fucking special if you ask me.