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safe1878659 artist:uotapo1024 princess celestia101430 snails5542 snips4396 sunset shimmer69392 alicorn256652 pony1224523 unicorn401574 equestria girls223872 bicycle416 blushing224161 boots26307 burger2136 c:1272 clothes524734 comic118556 crown22232 cute222780 cutie mark on clothes4562 eating10889 eyes closed110833 feels1601 female1516431 flashback1155 food81067 frown26447 glare8526 glowing horn23224 gritted teeth15097 happy35618 hay1756 hay burger684 homesick shimmer291 hoof shoes6836 horses doing horse things1320 humans doing horse things186 jacket15001 jewelry81611 leather jacket4320 levitation13522 magic81572 male427918 mare566245 messy eating1374 money1509 munchies18 nom3205 nostalgia211 open mouth179032 pants17348 petco1 peytral4430 puffy cheeks4289 regalia26080 shimmerbetes4704 shirt29695 shoes45331 skirt45280 smiling302377 speed lines424 standing16509 sunburst background1011 sunset wants her old digestive system back43 sweat30888 sweatdrop4052 telekinesis31732 wall of tags4921 wide eyes18206


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Young Leosword
I’d have thought those images would get a different tag like “horset shimmer” or “sunset gets all the mustangs”… <w<
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nobody's favorite
@Millennial Dan  
I guess. Though they didn’t really tell her not to return, either. They just kinda ignored the issue and then the portal was closed anyways. Of course it’s been almost a year since I watched the friggin’ thing, so I don’t remember things so great.