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Background Pony #2582
5 Unicorn
10 A Bunch a' Bits (endless version)
5 Community — Runecraft
5 Light — Aura of Niceness
5 Alchemy — basic potions
10 Alchemy — advanced potions
10 Companion

Unlimited money ensures me basic survival.

Unicorn + Runecraft gives me access to a wide variety of magical effects, although it requires me to be prepared for whatever situation might come up and would afford me very, very little versatility. Alchemy follows along the same lines, but to provide a wider range of effects.

Light magic will make people feel good around me and hopefully make forming friendships easier and make others less likely to dislike me.

Companion… well, friendship is magic. And even if it wasn't, having an already existing friend will ensure that I don't retreat into myself and become a hermit.

There's no actual indication that I'll need to be any sort of warrior, and if I have no memories… well, if I retain my basic personality I would probably not care much about my past. I don't need to worry about adventuring, and to be honest I don't think I would make a good fighter, anyways.

If I did have to fight, though…
Alicorn with a focus in Light, Elder Dragon drawback, and Companion x2. Only friendship, love, and magic could work to survive the dragon, and that's about as strong a focus in those as you can get. With… well, being an alicorn, I would be able (and have the time) to naturally learn talents, rather than buying them with mana, so would have access to most of the options present… so long as I was willing to put the time into learning them, of course.
Sure, I'd never get home, but I would never remember being human to regret that… and to be honest, if I lived in a world of magic, no matter how dangerous it was or fragile I was in such a world, I'd do everything I could to stay there.

People should really consider the computer more in here.

I mean besides letting you stay attached to your old lives somewhat, this also gives you access to all the media every put on the internet, which is a large chunk of all human culture.

You can get freakishly rich by just showing scripts to movie producers, or selling comics and manga that people posted online.
Background Pony #9D7A
-5 Unicorn
-20 Fitness and Full Martial Fighting Ability
-15 Animal Affinity
-10 Fire, and Water Affinity
-5 Earth Toughness
-5 Air Speed and Agility
-5 Water Flexibility
+15 Outlaw
Badass Unicorn Monk
Background Pony #9D7A
@Background Pony #2FA4
Forgot to put this at the end, I'd figured that the Diamond Dog body would be more useful than my own human body, basically infinite money is great, I took 5 Mana off of the enchantment price for armor since I'm just getting the armor and the 10 Mana says it can enchant both armor and shield so I'd thought it'd be fair, either weapon can be very powerful especially when enchanted would probably go with the Greataxe since I think it has plenty of reach but if I need more I'd pick a Halberd, the fully upgraded Toughness for the Earth Talent would be very useful for general survival and for fighting the Dragon, I'd like my Memory so I didn't lose myself, and the Strength would be good for general survival along with fighting the Dragon again and the Fighting ability would be good if I ever lose my weapon or don't want to kill something.

I'd figure with the power of magic in the world I'd probably be able to befriend a Unicorn or have the Princesses help if I ever wanted a portal back to the normal world.
Background Pony #9D7A
I think I'll give this a try.

-5 Diamond Dog
-10 Endless bits
-10 For Armor and Enchantment
-15 Magical Greataxe or Halberd
-15 Earth Toughness
+20 Dragon
-5 Memory
-10 Strength and Fighting ability
Dig Dug
Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!

(-5) Pegasus with batwings (whatever its name may be)
(-5) Animu-proportioned symmetrical halberd
(-5) Memories because c'mon
(-15) I can't stop being an internet guy tho
(-10) Companion because i'm gonna let loose with that halberd and i'll probs not make any friends anyway
(-10) Wind: Agility
(-10) Advanced flight stacked with the above for OP mode flying
(-5) Community: Battle talent
(+20) Final Boss Dragon

because peace is for GROMMETS

incase you haven't figured out what i'm trying to do yet

Copy paste from thread I just did this in

(-5) Unicorn, telekinesis is the best thing ever period if you are willing to dick around with it.
(-5) Teleport is a useful thing
(-5) Utility spells
(-5) I take my memories, I do not want to be someone else after this
(-15) Laptop with internet, like I don't need much else other then this.
(-10) Never ending bit bag, this is essentially awesomeness right here.
(-5) Community, a free skill is always useful, anyway general magics, it's
(-5) Dark Magic, for the fuck of it because hell, I' want something cool
(+5) Rival, I just ignore him, seriously, I deal with worse shit for most of my life already.
Background Pony #3EA0
Human (-10 mana)
Survival Kit (-5 mana)
Laptop (-10 mana) Internet access (-5 mana)
Portal (-15 mana)
A companion, Littlepip (-10 mana)
Friendship, Art, and Magic (2020) - Took part in the 2020 Community Collab
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Friendship, Art, and Magic (2018) - Celebrated Derpibooru's six year anniversary with friends.
Birthday Cake - Celebrated MLP's 7th birthday
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

…bah, I didn't realize the Internet was an extra 5 mana.

So okay. I need to drop the major Light talent (frees up 10), and take the Internet (takes 5).

Unicorn, 5; memories, laptop+Internet+portal, 35, total 40; minor Light talent, 45.

Hm. But now I'm rethinking the whole unicorn bit. Frankly I'm sure I'd be a little self-conscious. So.

Human (10).
Laptop + Internet (15)
Portal (15)

10 remain. You know what, I'm gonna be adventuresome. I might have taken the survival kit for the clothes and been dropped off in civilization, but I like the idea of having access to magic. Staff plus minor Light talent for white magic.

I'll just have to make myself some clothes, work out how to obtain food and water, and find civilization ASAP.

you just turned equestria in… dogestria?

"see if I can make diamond dogs into the technology/magitech and mining obsessed dwarf equivalents of Equestria"
except they are like big as fuck, compared to ponies.
and have some bad maners, might wana work on that as well lol

Race: Diamond Dog — 5 (Hands, lower cost than minotaur or griffin, and probably better sense of smell and eyesight in low light conditions. Just for the heck of it I'll let the spirit choose my gender or otherwise let it be random.)

Equipment: Staff — 5 (How attached are we to the staff? Can it be sensed where it is or call it to the hand if separated? I'm assuming it's also probably really durable as a magic artifact so will be difficult to destroy or damage.)

Humanity: Memories — 5

Talents: Earth: All Abilities — 35 (Thematically appropriate for race and good abilities as long as I have the staff, not sure how long Diamond Dogs live but the Earth abilities that affect health should in theory extend lifespan beyond the norm if only because immunity to disease and resistance to physical damage should slow and mitigate the effects of aging. Are passive abilities still active if not in contact with the staff?)

Fitness: Both options for increased Physical Strength and Physical Condition — 15 (Will give me something to fall back on if I ever manage to lose the staff and the superhuman strength will pair nicely with the durability from Earth)

Drawback: Outlaw + 15

I'm assuming it is possible to resolve any Drawbacks, it just takes time and will be difficult to do.

I work towards clearing my name as soon as possible and hunting down whoever was responsible for framing me but put it to a secondary goal if it would be more beneficial.

Diamond Dogs don't seem like they interact much with or are on good terms with ponies anyway. Hopefully I can seek out refuge with other diamond dogs, offering my earth abilities in exchange. The ability to manipulate earth and find precious metals and gems easily should be obviously useful and make me more valuable in the long term than any bounty.

I'll offer what understanding of human science and technology I have. Diamond Dogs will probably be very interested in how to make black powder for digging and weapons. Can probably work out how to make basic electrical generators, electric lights, radios if given several years or a few decades to work out the stuff I don't have intimate knowledge of and obtaining materials.

Diamond Dogs themselves can probably figure out a lot of stuff if I explain the general idea well enough. I'm not an engineer or electrician but I do have the general knowledge you'd expect of someone with access to the internet and has completed formal education.

Determine if Equestria has fossil fuels and help the Diamond Dogs exploit them if they exist, but make sure to steer them towards renewable energy such as geothermal in the long term.

Overall my long term goal is to spark an industrial revolution in Equestria starting with members of my own new species. Do everything I can to ensure peace and see to it that the entire world benefits, possibly won't work out like that but I'll try my damndest.

See if I can learn alchemy at some point and encourage it's widespread use. Also I'll try to see if I can in anyway duplicate my staff's abilities, (so long as it is clear that I won't end up destroying it in the process) or otherwise find a way to make magic useable by anyone though it will probably never be as good as unicorn magic.

More or less see if I can make diamond dogs into the technology/magitech and mining obsessed dwarf equivalents of Equestria and try to make this beneficial to all species of the world.
Background Pony #4CE7

Although, it would be interesting if everyone hated you because you ticked off an angry elder dragon who wants your head…

…35 (total) extra mana would be pretty gamebreaking, though.

Nice work on making something fun MrThumb.
Needs perk names next time though, so people don't have to guess the shortened name that other people gave a perk.

It was quite difficult for me to decide on what to pick (except for Changeling, cause I'm biased towards changelings anyways)

Race: Changeling — 20 (Worth it!)
Dark: Basic Stealth — 5
Dark: Basic Dark Magic — 5
Air: Speed — 5
Flight — 15

I had a hard time deciding between flight, extra speed, Stealth, Dark Magic, healing, happy aura, soothe/calm beasts.

The idea was being the person to help others while being unnoticed. Dark magic for self defense with fears + illusions, and Shadow manipulation sounds fun. Flight + Speed is just cause I really love going fast and feeling wind blow against my face. :)

I dropped healing and happy aura because I kinda felt they were a little too easy for my goals, life has to have some challenges. Dropped soothe/calm animals for those reasons, and because fears/illusions probably unreliably take care of self defense from animals. It was mainly for points, but it does give an excuse to just not go into the most dangerous forests.
Background Pony #4CE7

I'd think Changeling Changeling (30) + Darkness Stealth, simple and medium (15) + Darkness Magic, simple (10) + Teleport (5) + Outlaw (20) + Improved Teleport(10) + whatever (0) would be more OP, personally. Able to look like anyone, able to sneak in and out of anywhere, and able to literally vanish in the blink of an eye if seen — only the bounty hunters and guards would have a chance of finding her, and the only way to stop her would be to completely disable magic in her vicinity.
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The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

I'll go with:

Me: Unicorn (5) + memories (5).

Supplies: laptop (10) + portal (15), because I have a job here on Earth and it looks like time in this Equestria passes with time on Earth, so if I'm going to be here a while I need to make sure my affairs are in order and my family isn't freaking out. Vice versa, the laptop should also help convince ponies that I'm not completely insane.

The portal is actually awesome for this in the endgame. It doesn't matter if no one else can access it — all I have to do is use it myself in front of them. Boom, proof of Equestria. Me = instantly famous.

I'm left with 15 mana. That'll be 5 and 10 for the minor and major Light talents — healing, not aura. Regardless of whether it's accepted there as a law of physics, I don't want to be controlling anypony's feelings.

I'm starting off in the Everfree without a survival kit, but I'll just have to cope with my healing abilities. If I can make it to civilization, tell my story to the ponies, and get to the portal, this should work out.

Dragon(20) + palace(-5) + dragon's magic & flight(-15) + outlaw(0) would be OP.

Also changeling changeling(30) + simple darkness(25) + medium darkness(15) + master darkness(0) + (armor & shield(-10) + armor Enchantment(-20) + evil Dragon(0)) or (armor(-5) + armor Enchantment(-15) + outlaw(0)) would be OP because either you wouldn't be defeated by dragon because of armour but would be able to cast weakening dark magic or would disguise yourself as changeling and only having trouble with those, who know what you really are.

Starting as griffon griffon(40) + ranged weapon(25) + armor(20) + armor enchantment(10) + memories(5) + wind spped & agility(0) + flight(-5) + outstanding flight(-15) + outlaw(-15) and setting chaos on the land would be quite fun.

I would choose unicorn unicorn(45) + memories(40) + utility spells(35) + simple flame magic(30) + ores & gems sense and simple ground magic(20) + mechanisms skill(15) + smith skill(10) + wind controll(5) + wind speed(0) and would construct mechanisms, dig for ores to sell, improve my skill and build epic mechanisms, weapons and then make artificial metal wings with jetpack powered by magic, fire and wind. And then become some kind of noblemancolt.
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

OP here. Since everyone else is doing it, might as well:

20 to become Changeling (Worth every point!)
10 for Unlimited Bag o' Bits
5 for Base Water Affinity
5 for Base Light Spells (Soothing Aura, etc)
5 for Community: Talent in Cooking
5 for Magic: Utility Spells
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
Wallet After Summer Sale -
Friendship, Art, and Magic (2019) - Celebrated Derpibooru's seventh year anniversary with friends.
Friendship, Art, and Magic (2018) - Celebrated Derpibooru's six year anniversary with friends.
Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!
Friendship, Art, and Magic (2017) - Celebrated Derpibooru's five year anniversary with friends.
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

Okay, let's see:

5 Diamond Dawg
10 Bottomless Bit Bag
5 Magical Staff
5 Memories
15 in Magic
5 Morale Boost Fire Magic
5 for talent in Teaching

Let's do this.