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“Raritymoon: Another 30 min challenge.” (the artist)
suggestive173408 artist:slypon294 princess luna109383 rarity203434 anthro316648 ass69994 bodypaint1200 butt180248 butt only2734 faceless female1981 fake wings980 featureless crotch8091 female1606761 hips3659 large butt25971 lunarity59 moonbutt4298 offscreen character44097 paint2283 paint on fur451 pearity4 rearity6101 solo1271351 solo female208010 the ass was fat18652 wide hips24651


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Wishy Washy
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Half-Genie Horsie
something something tabitha st. Germain.
Also,t hat episode where they were trying to help Rainbow Dash with her Wonderbolts written exam through historical theater with Rarity playing Luna.
Wishy Washy
An Artist Who Rocks -
Artist -

Half-Genie Horsie
goin’ on record to say this is possibly my favorite ass I’ve seen in this fandom. no not just the fact that it’s Rarity or what not, but that SLypon is just THAT good.
Background Pony #D1F2
I think it’s Rarity not Luna
and I guess this pic is from the 30 minute challenge
Violet Echoes
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rarity cosplaying as luna is awesome,  
flutters cosplaying as celly is damn fine,  
them 2 doing naughty things while in costume is fucking hot.