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M.A. Larson retweeted this, is probably back for S5.


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Life is but a dream
I don’t know, people keep saying he has no character, yet all those traps he made, and the fact he enslaved an entire race of ponies kinda shows he has a rather dark, and genre-savvy personality perhaps.

I actually kinda liked how Sombra was more subtle then the other villains in the show.
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One of these days I want to see an episode where Diamond Tiara isn’t so flat as a character. The only character that has been important to the plot with less character than her has been Sombra.
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The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012
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Now, this could either mean that Diamond Tiara is still a bitch, or it could mean that she’s gone so far in her season 5 appearance, that they have to note that she’s really mean.
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Diamond Tiara: B-but, i am nice!

Scootaloo: You wouldn’t know kindness even if it hit you in the face!

Diamond Tiara: I meant by how us rich ponies are. But how would you know? You’re from a family with barly any bits to share.

Scootaloo: Don’t.You.Dare.Insult.My.Family! punches
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The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

That "Boop Edit" guy
You don’t say! I’m still waiting for the episode where something terrible happens to her! Like her house burns.
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I’m sure Diamond Tiara has a perfectly good reason to be mean, as usual.
lousy fillies of undefined destinies…
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