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It was coming sooner or later! :D
Just a few little sketches I did, and slapped on some color last night!
Ya ya, I’m a Brony if you haven’t figured it out already! :iconapplebuckplz: It is fun to draw this kinda of stuff for a break.
Colour choices are hard when you are taking people to pony! I didn’t want to keep anyone (But Jonathan’s) regular hair colour. Instead I went with their colour schemes.
Vicki - Purple  
Jonathan - Pink  
Caley - Green/White  
Noelle - Blue
Vicki, as a Pony Lord, :D obviously has to look very regal. She was once just a regular pony, but the power of the horn she wears transformed her. I wanted her to retain her curls, and her short hair. But her tail needed to be long, an appear like dark rain clouds.
Jonathan is obviously Jonathan! You can rest assured that he was once red, but the more time her spends in Vicki’s castle, the more his hue is beginning to change!
Caley said so long to Cloudsdale and went to spend time with Earthponies. They looked like they were having way more fun anyways! Now she loves to flutter around the castle and see what everybody is up too. As majority of her costumes are often white with green trim, I though it would balance her pony design too.
Noelle is Vicki’s loyal student. She studies hard, but is always up for taking some time to train Jonathan (she does love her crop). Even though she is very studious, make no mistake at her ability to transform from bookworm to showpony. I debated on making Noelle an earth pony, but she does use the most magic, and having one of each is like having a complete set!
Tell me what you think!
Also if you don’t like My little Pony, please don’t comment. You’ll just get ignored or worse.
~Lord Dragon Master
P.S. yea still working on cutie marks!
safe1878413 artist:lorddragonmaster2 oc786552 oc only582667 alicorn256606 earth pony321007 pegasus364167 pony1224256 unicorn401449 alicorn oc30738 anklet1197 armor26165 bedroom eyes67646 blank flank8320 boots26299 bracelet11591 choker15528 collar38392 looking at you199140 raised hoof55344 raised leg9180 simple background463022 smiling302331 tail wrap7251 white background117643


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