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An army of cute 5-year-old Sweetie Belles, all messily dressed up and ready for their birthday party.

I'm trying to weaponize the .gif format, basically.
safe1725271 edit134076 edited screencap66134 screencap224305 sweetie belle49358 pony985603 unicorn331564 for whom the sweetie belle toils867 season 42757 5-year-old154 5-year-old sweetie belle44 animated99544 clone2811 clothes466576 cute202623 diasweetes2955 dress45173 female1379804 multeity2232 solo1076966 stairs1696 the sorcerer's apprentice40 wat19343 weapons-grade cute3731


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nobody's favorite
Now there's enough for all of us to take one home with us!

If they're raised in different homes, will they eventually all develop different cutie marks?

Follow the system, get your Work Ticket.

Now get your ass to work, to pay for the house you want to live in.

Only now you won't be in it over half of the days because your work. And the days you're off are full of going out for groceries, or other crap. Remember it's just a piece of paper at the end of the day.
(And it doesn't mean SHIT in another country that sees yours as a 'lesser' country.)