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suggestive172851 artist:secretgoombaman123451420 diamond tiara11182 human202769 ask chubby diamond601 animated112994 ass68659 barefoot32555 bbw5097 bedroom eyes72551 blinking4649 butt178871 cake11526 chubby diamond467 diamond buttiara299 fat26050 feet48650 female1602995 food87696 frosting827 humanized110116 jiggle2199 large butt25784 looking at you217016 looking back74056 nudity452168 obese13714 prone30796 smiling331126 solo1268259 solo female207504 teasing4615 the ass was fat18569 wiggle446


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lol ok
The image itself is weak. Everything is jiggling at the same time, there’s no ripples on her butt, which normally there would be. Also her belly is not moving at all, which if she was doing this, would.
I like CDT a lot. He’s got some pretty good art, but when it comes to making GIF’s like this, he still has a lot of work to do. He even admitted this was his weakest skill. Although I have faith that he will improve over time.
Background Pony #95C1
“I’m more impressed that you were able to write legibly on your own butt.”