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suggestive (108550)artist:freedomthai (641)braeburn (5475)fleur-de-lis (2873)appleloosa (217)blushing (146781)breasts (190022)canterlot (3607)clothes (337443)crack shipping (3066)dress (33203)earring (13202)female (707195)fleurburn (4)human (125495)humanized (86466)male (239808)shipping (155992)sideboob (7580)side slit (973)smiling (172763)straight (104670)vest (2658)


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15 comments posted
Soufriere's avatar

(Previously known as The Twelfth Doctor Whoof)

Sunset Shimmer Fan
I thought I had seen every possible ship this series could offer up. I was wrong.

So what shall we call this one? "Fleurburn" is my suggestion.
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