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suggestive185244 artist:bakki637 princess cadance38838 princess luna114656 twilight sparkle349544 alicorn302256 pony1476367 g41608172 alicorn triarchy395 assisted preening101 bedroom eyes79077 blushing261340 drool33323 female1737333 floppy ears70166 infidelity9420 lesbian114772 lundance174 mare701646 ot3451 preening1157 prone33655 ship:twidance360 ship:twiluna1694 shipping245687 smiling375952 trio23865 trio female5024 twilight sparkle (alicorn)145912 twilundance9 wing bite146


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I really enjoy the idea that the princesses preen each other as both a source of pleasure and as like a “girl’s night out” to unwind and relax. Headcanon accepted super hard.

Inescapably pleasant yet distracting situation? Subtle pressure upon her midsection? I sense an embarrassing rogue fart in Twilight’s future :P