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suggestive (113047)artist:bakki (577)princess cadance (28109)princess luna (88004)twilight sparkle (260466)alicorn (163513)pony (697878)bedroom eyes (44362)blushing (153781)drool (20109)female (759890)floppy ears (41309)infidelity (4419)lesbian (81867)lundance (120)mare (335116)ot3 (421)preening (564)prone (20466)shipping (164455)smiling (183159)twidance (248)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (102072)twiluna (1537)twilundance (4)wing bite (100)


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I really enjoy the idea that the princesses preen each other as both a source of pleasure and as like a "girl’s night out" to unwind and relax. Headcanon accepted super hard.
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Inescapably pleasant yet distracting situation? Subtle pressure upon her midsection? I sense an embarrassing rogue fart in Twilight’s future :P
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